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The V-Art team combines an in-depth knowledge of the art market with expertise in intellectual property law, finance and tech. Hence, the skills required to operate within the Art&Tech sphere broadly and digital art specifically are multi-faceted. The V-Art team has been shaped with this need for intersectionality in mind.
Anastasiia Gliebova
CEO & co-founder

Partner and Head of Research at the Institute of Law, Technology and Innovation. Coordinator of Digital Art Observatory and Digital Art therapy Studio projects.

Anastasiia is an Art Digitalization consultant and creative manager with a legal and economic background. Prior to founding V-Art, she has been working in the field of creative management for 5 years with over 30 projects in her portfolio. Anastasiia is now also a speaker at events and conferences on technology in the field of art.

“As a manager & lawyer with rich experience in creative industries, I understand the opportunities of the digital era for artists and art professionals, as well as the challenges that such rapid innovation can bring. As an art lover, I know how important it is to be able to enjoy & experience art anytime, anywhere. V-Art aims to solve these two problems. Our products reevaluate art ownership in the digital age.”

Olga Simson
CSO & co-founder

Doctor of Law, with 20+ years of experience in 50+ project in art & creative industries, СЕО & co-founder of ILTI.

Olga is a Doctor of Law, associate professor of civil law at the Yaroslav the Wise National Law University and CEO & co-founder of the Institute of Law, Technology and Innovation.

Olga has led and consulted over 50 international projects in art & creative industries, published over 120 scientific works. Her clients include European gallerists, artists & collectors.

Olga is also an expert for the USAID, EU, EBRD projects on innovation and investment, public-private partnerships and clusters.

In recent years she is leading the Creative Law Studios project, launched the School of IT Law and Creative Law at ILTI-School, specializing in the areas of Art Law, Fashion Law, IT Law and Media Law.

“More than 15 years I dealing in field of intellectual property and creative industries rights. More than 50 projects, startups and businesses behind. We served them in ILTI, which I head, providing various services, starting from conflict resolution, ending with comprehensive support of business processes and the formation of a “turnkey” IP profile. Every day I faced problems of creative people, their ignorance of legal issues, their problems with dealers, promoters, gallery owners and other intermediaries who did not prescribe the framework of cooperation in the contract, did not adhere to oral agreements and created unconscionability for artists.
The development of technologies and digitalization processes have forced to look towards the automation of many processes that would facilitate the artist’s work. My ideal is a democratic self-regulated market with the proper rules, where the cooperation of the gallery and the artist is a win-win process of moving towards, not establishing a monopoly on creativity.
After that there were days, weeks and months of teamwork, brainstorming, until the startup V-Art appeared, with already functioning application for virtual exhibitions. The next stage- marketplace built on a combination of unique technologies and legal tools.
Digital art allows to perfectly build a new market model, we see this in the examples of music, photography, e-books. Of course, there are new challenges, even dangers associated with the turnover of digital assets, and their solution and the main focus of the legal expertise.”

Roman Minin
Digital artist, co-founder

Pioneering figure in digital art, participant of international exhibitions, fairs and auctions, including Sotheby`s and Phillips.

Contemporary Ukrainian artist working with monumental art, graphics, photography, objects and installations. Participant of art exhibitions worldwide. Co-director of the non-profit organization Art Embassy and startup Transmonument.

“Creative development path not only directed inti self-discovery and elaboration own resources given from birth by nature, but also from theirself to the ethereal space of society. These vectors of development often are diametrically opposed, and it is important to maintain a balance of harmonious symmetry. Often, we choose the path of light resistance and go further in one or another direction. For those creators who have chosen self-understanding, especially with the use of modern tools that expand the possibilities of imagination, such as 3D modeling, work in a virtual reality helmet, will require help with promotion of their creativity in the public sphere.
For me, the creation of V-Art – is a necessary platform for the presentation of intangible creativity. It is good when like-minded or art-minded spectators meet in time, creating community, a symbiosis of opportunities and knowledge for the general harmonious development in space and time.
V-Art is a necessary international community with opportunities for creative development.”

Anton Velychko
CTO & co-founder

IT expert with 15+ years in managing software and mobile development projects.

Co-founder at Yaskravo LLC (aka SIMO AR – app and browser for augmented reality), coordinated and developed 5 mobile application with AR. Co-founder and ex-CTO at Altris AI. Worked as a technical program manager at Amazon, Ring, Ciklum, Thomas Cook, production director at Tatem Games, PM at GlobalLogic.

Oleksandr Velychko
Product manager & co-founder

Manager with 8 years of experience in 90+ projects with AR, including art projects.

CEO & co-founder of Yaskravo LLC, a company specializing in augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Serial entrepreneur, winner of the Telecom accelerator 2.0 in 2017, finalist of the Popcorp accelerator from UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group and Radar Tech in 2018. Co-founder at Altris AI. Audiovisual art expert for Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Why did I become part of the team?
For the first time, I uploaded over 300 artworks to the Simo AR backend in 2016. When you hover the application over a painting, the Wikiart site opens with an artwork description. Since then, I have implemented dozens of projects.

Acquaintance and friendship with Roman Minin.
We’ve talked a lot about creating a standalone art app. But we didn’t have enough (time and power) sources to create and deal with the project.

In 2018, competitors in the AR / VR / XR + art market have become noticeable.
At the end of 2019, I saw the first V-Art publications on Facebook. And at the beginning of 2020, we all met. As a result, a strong team was assembled to implement a strong project.

Sylvain Levy
Collector & Strategy Advisor

Owner of the prominent dslcollection together with Dominique and Karen Levy, of Chinese contemporary art, pioneer and leader in the Art&Tech intersection.

The dslcollection was created in 2005 and focuses on contemporary Chinese art since 2004. It is a private collection representing 200 of the leading Chinese avant-garde artists, artists having a major influence on the development of contemporary art in China today.

Denis Belkevich
Art & Finance advisor

Deloitte Art & Finance consultant, 11+ years in art market analytics, co-founder of Fuelarts accelerator for ArtTech startups.

Usually after a lecture you remember the authors of the most interesting and awkward questions. At my speech in Kharkiv in February 2020, I noted two women, one of whom was taking notes and the other boldly argued with the lecturer. Later I found out that Olga and Anastasiia were co-founders of one project, and during the lecture they simply divided responsibilities. I liked it from the very beginning, because courage, cohesion and delegation are the most important qualities of startupers. That’s how I got acquainted with V-Art, and later, when I was invited to the team as an advisor, I didn’t hesitate for a minute, realizing that this Ukrainian project deserves to fly into international orbit.


Anna Shvets
Art Business Strategist & Advisor

CEO of Tatchers’ART Management, 18+ years in the international art business, worked on the Antarctic Biennale & Arte Laguna Prize.

Anna Shvets is an art manager, producer of international art projects, curator, and art business strategist. For 18 years she carries out different activities as a producer of cultural projects and curator of contemporary art exhibitions, in collaboration with embassies, institutional and independent spaces in Europe, Middle East, North and South Americas. Anna believes that art can be a unique language that unites countries and continents, culture and science. Her art research spans widely across contemporary art theory, a collaboration of art, science, business and new technologies, and focuses on the interaction of art and environmental humanities in exceptional places of our planet. A wide network of partners all over the world and intensive experience in the cultural management field gives her the possibility to realize complex projects in any place of the world. Anna is the founder and CEO of TAtchers’ Art Management. Currently, she is teaching art business in several international universities.

“I believe in the limitless potential of digital art and technological methods of its presentation, which is why collaboration with V-Art is so inspiring for me. We create stunning spaces and host the wildest challenges to showcase talented digital artists from all over the world, without boundaries or limits. The world is changing, this is obvious, and it is very important for us to create infrastructure so that the meeting between the artist and the viewer can be as bright and impressive as possible. It is a challenging but interesting process and we are delighted to be at the forefront of it.”

Andrey Milinevskiy
Customer Experience Advisor

Founder and Managing Director consulting agency CXdesign. Former Head of Digital Transformation at Kyivstar.

Expert in the application of Service Design and Design Thinking. More than 20 successful projects for large companies and startups in Ukraine, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Jordan. Accredited Service Design Trainer and Practitioner at SDN Teacher and Mentor Service Design and Design Thinking

“Memories fade with time, but I remember my first meeting with V-Art perfectly: a session on CusDev, two very energetic founders, a dozen serious questions and the hope that the world can become a better place. World of Art. Digital art.
Then – a great joy when the team became interested in (my) mentoring and business development. There was a feeling, and then an experienced knowledge, that the founders will go through all difficulties on their way, that the idea really creates a valuable disruption – it helps digital artists, galleries, and art clients. And it was incredibly pleasing to touch the theme of beauty as such.”

Gregory Ayvazov

3+ years involved in market, macro-economic and business analytics. Wide experience in strategic communications. Bachelor of history, politics and economics at UCL.

I am an innovation-enthusiast who, having studied history, politics and economics at UCL, brings an analytical and multi-disciplinary perspective to the team.
The first time I heard the name “V-Art”, I was in the middle of a third nearly consecutive lockdown determined to capitalize on the yet another deluge of time that was bestowed upon me by the pandemic.
It is under these circumstances, that serendipity led me to a webinar that V-Art’s co-founder and CEO, Anastasiia Gliebova, happened to take part in. My knowledge of digital art was zero-bound but my first impression was that of drive and determination – essential conditions for a successful venture.
Of course, what motivates me at V-Art today is not only the team but also the chance to be at the intersection of creativity and innovation – a synergy I find to be distinctively meaningful.

Viktoriia Tymoshenko
Head of Projects

4+ years in arts & culture events coordination and organization. Bachelor of Cultural Studies (UCU). A graduate of the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (KAMA).

“I have a passion for management in cultural & artistic institutions and projects for a long time, from the very beginning of my studies at the university – whenever it was possible, I always chose courses related to the practical aspect of my specialty. Into V-Art I got by the choice of one of these disciplines – my art business teacher told me about expanding the staff on the platform and gave a well detailed recommendation on myself to Anastasiia.
Here, at V-Art, I feel my values of respect of copyright are shared by every single team member, and a clear and structured workflow is a confirmation of this.
Before coming to the platform, I knew little, if any, about the world of digital art. Nowadays I am still expanding and deepening my knowledge in this field, and the ambitious projects of the company and the crazy speed of development of the sphere fuel my enthusiasm.”

Valeryia Urbanovich
Communication & partnerships manager

3 years of experience in organising projects in the field of creatives industries. Specialist in the field of crowdfunding of cultural projects, as well as organising events.

Valerya is currently studying for an MA in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Bologna.

For the first time I heard about V-Art only in the summer of this year, but I immediately fell in love with what they do and how it looks.
I really enjoy being the digital art ambassador among my colleagues at the university and my social circle, which includes people from various fields of culture and art. That is why I am doing partnership projects in V-Art in order to promote the world of digital opportunities to those institutions that may not have even thought about it before.

Mykola Alfavitskyi
Mobile developer

3D, AR/VR specialist, 7+ years in IT.

Vadym Balanovskyi
UX/UI & Product designer

20+ years in graphics, web and product design. Expert in user experience. Specializes in creating complex interface systems.

“Listen, there is an interesting project. About art. There is still no clarity how and what it will be, but there is what you like – a difficult task. Will you take it?” – From these words of Anton Velychko my acquaintance with V-Art began.

Then there was an acquaintance with Anastasia and Olga, who told me about the virtual art space, we discussed aspects of contemporary art and the peculiarities of the existence of the virtual art world. And I “lit up”.

I am a designer. Design has long been one of the genres of art and it creates a global artistic context. And while object and industrial design has long been considered a work of art, digital design is just makinig the very first steps on the path of its’ recognition.

By creating a virtual environment, solving problems, and solving problems that user faces, I try to create not just a digital product, site, or application, but a virtual museum and art space. And yes – working on V-Art makes me feel more like an artist than an engineer. And suddenly it happens that the art community  recognizes me as its own, it will be the highest award.

Yevheniia Tsatsenko
PM/ Project Manager

3+ years involved in organization of projects in the field of culture and cinema. Student of Cultural Studies (UCU).

Nicole Borman
PR Specialist

10+ years of professional experience in communications; 4+ years of experience in PR, advertising and digital marketing

Valentina della Rocca
Public Relations Specialist Middle East

10+ years in Event and PR management. Skilled in developing and strengthening working relationships with industry-leading companies to drive business growth.

“As Egyptologist and Arabist, I always thought that traveling was the only way to discover art, but, with V-Art, we can go beyond borders and do it digitally.”

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