V-Art platform for digital art announces #SpaceOpenCall and invites all international artists to participate.


Which art are we going to take to the stars?

Digital era has transformed the very essence of the way we live, as well as our perception of materiality and space. Art as a reflection of the changes in society gave momentum to a new medium of expression - digital art. Now we are on the verge of a new, space era, where intangible and technological digital art is assonant with the development of humankind.

Ancestors watched the starry sky and created legends, which lived on up to the present. Now we are creating a new symbol of art of the future - digital art spaceship, that will bring art to new horizons. Its mission is to expand the realms of art and host the biggest digital art exhibition. Our Art Spaceship is ready to launch, welcome onboard!

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The space station, which will serve as a first cosmic art center, will be developed by the team of professional 3D artists and architects together with an incredible consultant, real architect of the space ships and stations, who we are going to announce soon.

The station will be inspired by the cutting-edge space technologies and provide the vision on how the digital art exhibitions might look in the real station or spaceship. It will be divided into a several modules / pavilions, each having its own main theme and curator.

So if you are inspired by the #Space as much as we are, apply for the #SpaceOpenCall.

Apply now Eligibility


Participation in this competition is open to all international organizations and individuals, including students and professionals at all levels of experience, involved in digital art creation.

  • No registration fee.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit entries independent of their ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, ability, age, education, expertise/experience

To be eligible for an award, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Your work must be original, and you must have the right or authority to submit it for review and have it published.
  • You must read and accept the V-Art Space Open Call Terms & Conditions before submitting.
  • Entries must not propagate “hate” messages. Statements that are defamatory or otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible.

Entries that do not meet eligibility criteria may be disqualified at any phase of the selection process, without notification.

Apply now Terms & Conditions

Evaluation process

Reflecting on the broad spectrum of digital art, the open call categories focus on projects that can repre​sent contemporary digital creations supported by the forms that they can take. The winners are determined by the jury (the members will be announced soon) taking into account the following criteria:

Conformity of the concept

Uniqueness of the project

Technical maturity

Application process

All entries must be received by 10 December, at 11:59 PM CET time.

Application for participation is submitted by filling out the online form. Each participant can apply with up 2 art objects / projects.

Fill out now

17 November

Open Call announcement

  • Step 01.

13 December

Deadline for applications

  • Step 02.


Winners announcement

  • Step 03.

11 January

Artworks submission

  • Step 04.

January - February

Launch of the Art Spaceship

  • Step 05.

15 February

Exhibition openinng

  • Final.


Meet our Jurors.


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