We boost
digital art market

Online platform to exhibit, sell and collect Digital Art

Galleries & museums

  • Found maintenance of the physical spaces too expensive?
  • Lack of visitors and buyers & struggle with finding new artists?
  • Closed due to the crisis or found yourself on the verge of survival?
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Artists & designers

  • Tired of managing the sales and not satisfied with the results?
  • Disappointed with current solutions and art marketplaces?
  • Faced the unfair acts of the
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Art buyers & collectors

  • Complicated legalization and logistics for exhibitions & fairs?
  • Could not buy digital art securely in compliance with copyright?
  • Cannot track transactions, provenance and price fluctuations?
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We unveil the interactivity of
Digital Art

V-Art app provides an opportunity to interact with Digital Art in the familiar atmosphere of gallery spaces, which you can visit virtually alone or accompanied just by using your device.

  • Virtual galleries & 3D exhibitions
  • Online art events to visit mutually
  • Virtual chats in real-time mode

We create a professional network for art community

V-Art links the interests of all market actors (artist, collector, gallerist, dealer, curator, art manager, etc.), allowing them to network, cooperate and valuate digital artworks.

  • Customize your account as various art market actors
  • Dual rating system (by professionals and public)
  • Find and engage professionals to moderate your account, collections and exhibitions

We create the infrastructure for digital artworks

V-Art works with art created by means of digital technologies and digitized traditional art. We automatize the process of authentication, estimation and turnover of the artworks.

  • Authentication and sales history by Blockchain
  • Transactions in compliance with copyright
  • Licensing system for commercial and non-commercial use

Waiting for release?

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