Digital Art

Artworks created by means of digital technologies and digitized traditional art

Genres of Digital Art

Genres are various and constantly emerging, so here you can experience some examples of them

Generative art
# Generative Art
Zhitnya S.
Any which way
# Photo manipulation
Minin R.
My observations of the Sun
# VR Art
Manankina A.
Multimodality Mode
# AR Sculpture
Born of Calligraphy
# Crypto Art
Miron Y.
# Photogrammetry Art
Rudavin S.
Object no longer exists
# Digital painting
Shoolgeen I.
Veronica is waiting for sushi
# Digital sculpture
Yalovega A.
Seeds of Paradise Balls
# VR project
Manankina A.
Room of one's own
# Generative Art
Zhitnya S.
Eco Noise
# Digital Surrealism
Chenchick V.
Night Bird

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