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Olya Fedorova
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Art genres:
  • Digitalized Art

Olga Fedorova is a multidisciplinary artist working in the field of conceptual art with the following media: photography, video, performance, text. Fedorova's practice focuses on research and interaction with the environment (natural, urban, gallery) as a space of meanings. In them, the artist seeks and shows emptiness - points of uncertainty and "shakiness" of languages, misunderstandings and communication. Gently invading space, she observes how meanings change, transform and transmit. With the help of texts, Fedorova seeks to fill the void of meaning, speaking where people usually remain silent.

Winner of the festival of contemporary art "Non Stop Media VIII" (2016); finalist of the competition of young Ukrainian artists MUKHI 2017; finalist (2016) and winner (2017) of the competition of contemporary visual art named after Nathan Altman; participant of the Second Biennale of Young Art of Ukraine (Kharkiv, 2019). Since 2017 - a regular participant in the international winter festival of land art "Mythogenesis" (Nemyriv). She graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts in 2016, Faculty of Environmental Design. Personal exhibitions were held in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk and Turin (Italy). She is a participant of collective projects and residencies in Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and the USA.

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Landscape lyrics

Landscape lyrics

The project is a continuation of the study of writing as a practice of meditation and (self) therapy. It was based on two poetry works of Lina Kostenko, belonging to the genre of landscape lyrics. In the project, the process of handwriting these verses is visualized in the form of animation. Two poems are written simultaneously and represent two layers - or, speaking in the language of a landscape, two spatial planes. They are synchronized with two “planes” of a musical work - “Scherzo” by Nikolai Kolyada - parts of violin and piano. The movement of the handwritten line follows the rhythm and mood of the melody, forming a graphic-musical canvas of a semi-abstract poetic landscape, which, changing with every second, unfolds before the eyes of the observer. Video, 1-channel, with sound, duration - 5 min 00 sec. Designed for demonstration through a wall projection in a semi-lighted, soundproofed room .
  • 2020
    Пре́мія «PinchukArtCentre»
    Перший конкурс Премії «PinchukArtCentre» у 2009 році, до якого долучились понад 1 100 українських молодих художників. На першому конкурсі на премії надійшло понад 6000 заяв зі 125 країн. Відібрали 32 учасника, роботи яких були представлені в «PinchukArtCentre».
  • 2018
    Премія Кандинського
    Номінація «Проект року Media Art»
    Премія Кандинського — премія, встановлена в 2007 році російським культурним фондом «Артхроника» (Москва). Переможець визначається відвідувачами виставок, відвідувачами веб-сайту премії он-лайн, а так само за допомогою sms-голосування.
  • 2015
    Премія Кіото
    Заснована в 1985 році японською керамічною компанією в Кіото як японський аналог Нобелівської премії. Її призначають за видатні дослідження в галузі: філософії, фундаментальних наук, передових технологій, з 1987 року(в кожній — раз в 4 роки).
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