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Alexandra Krolikowska
  • Artist
Art genres:
  • Digitalized Art

Alexandra Krolikowska is a Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist and psychologist. Inspired by the therapeutic power and transformative functions of art, she focuses on the topics of mechanisms of memory, trust and communication in the digital era, utopia and visions of the future. Utilizing means of analog photography, video, performance, collage and installation, Alexandra works with issues of wholeness, romantic conceptualism, archetypes and unconsciousness. The artist is researching the concept of metamodernity. She pays special attention to the themes of polarities and dualistic perception, unveiling in her works the nature of embracing poles and seeing beyond.



“Dumka-Shumka” is an audio-video installation made during the "Digital Art Therapy Studio" project, initiated by V-Art platform and supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Ukrainian Rhapsody, Mykola Lysenko (1877)
Alexandra Krolikovska (concept, video)
Vladislav Petryk, Igor Sedyuk (music performance)

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”
― Carl Gustav Jung

Did I really sleep?
I had a strange dream
As gently touching mosses and lichens,
I caressed the surface of the earth
And she gave me her warmth back
The roots of the trees were speaking to me
And time was running from me away
Along with the sand slipped through my fingers
The river listened to my secrets
And sent me circles in response
That appeared and disappeared on the water
Climbing up the hill, I met a tree
It whispered to me:
"Life finds a way"
And I got the strength to go on
And look beyond the horizon
Suddenly I saw a mirror
There was a tree in it, the sky and me
This is how life was reflected

Reflecting on the issue of identity, the author of the video turns to the visual code of the cultural and historical landscape. The story of a performative journey, during which the search for one's self is accompanied by direct experience of tactile dialogue with nature. The path to self-knowledge is reflected in universal natural images - the study of their own origins through touching the roots of trees, achieving the goal through climbing a hill, contemplating the ephemerality of time and the cyclical nature of life by interaction with the river. Understanding the indivisibility of man and natural processes leads to the realization that
self is also a natural organism characterized by cyclicity, change and development. Just as Mykola Lysenko's composition "Dumka-Shumka" demonstrates the relationship between reasoning, inner reflection and active experience, game or dance, so the video encourages to look into the outer horizons and dive into the inner depths of oneself at the same time.
  • 2020
    Пре́мія «PinchukArtCentre»
    Перший конкурс Премії «PinchukArtCentre» у 2009 році, до якого долучились понад 1 100 українських молодих художників. На першому конкурсі на премії надійшло понад 6000 заяв зі 125 країн. Відібрали 32 учасника, роботи яких були представлені в «PinchukArtCentre».
  • 2018
    Премія Кандинського
    Номінація «Проект року Media Art»
    Премія Кандинського — премія, встановлена в 2007 році російським культурним фондом «Артхроника» (Москва). Переможець визначається відвідувачами виставок, відвідувачами веб-сайту премії он-лайн, а так само за допомогою sms-голосування.
  • 2015
    Премія Кіото
    Заснована в 1985 році японською керамічною компанією в Кіото як японський аналог Нобелівської премії. Її призначають за видатні дослідження в галузі: філософії, фундаментальних наук, передових технологій, з 1987 року(в кожній — раз в 4 роки).
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