VR Project

  • Author : Anna Manankina
  • Name : Room of one's own

"The bedroom space is a shelter, a virtual monument to girlhood, space for the germination of pleasures, a battlefield and a comfort zone at the same time. The bed as a motive in art appears quite often - from the tense installation of the Red Room by Louise Bourgeois to the melancholy havens in the works of Tracey Emin. One thing that deeply connected to this project is a small phrase from an essay by Virginia Woolf “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” Many young artists of post-soviet generation still feel this lack for space ."

"VR technology makes it possible to completely immerse yourself in an exeptionally personal zone, a place where you feel comfortable and safe. Modern society differs from its predecessors in that it no longer refers to itself as a forester, but as a gardener. This society gardens and looks after things, that used to grow chaotically back in the days."

"And as a person living in this society, I want to create my own small garden for a drowsy manifestation of equality, for the accumulation of new ideas and pillow battles."

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