VR Art

  • Author : Anna Manankina
  • Name : Multimodality Mode

"This project is a continuation of my research on communication between people and the possibility of blurring of the boundaries between the objective world and digital reality. Is it possible to artificially create a conflict of verbal and non-verbal information? Is there a fundamental boundary between words, intonations, gestures, facial expressions? "

"The human body takes an active part in communication between people. If it is motionless the communication does not work. The body is the instrument with which a person expresses his\her thoughts. This is not only the language of signs, but also the general participation of different parts of the body in communication. Everything called “body language” conveys communication information, sometimes even more significant than the words. When a person says "I love you " with the expression of suffering on their face, we automatically doubt veracity of these words. "

"After all, the body not only feels, it is also an instrument for recording space and time, the environment. The body is an instrument for creating their simulation. Such a body exists in the time of constructing meaning and not just visual-expressive information. The body is the instrument by which a human expresses his/her thoughts. Body language sometimes conveys more substantive information than that which we exchange through words. For example, in the work of the Austrian artist Wali Export "

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