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Online Digital Art Market

Why now?

Digitalization has finally reached art market and we see the signals of this process from the main actors, which will soon turn into stable trends. COVID-19 crisis only speeds up the transition to virtual lifestyle.

What we do

What We Do

Network & Interaction

Set up an account as an аrtist, gallery, dealer, curator or collector for interoperation

Transparency & Legality

Create digital art assets and manage them by Blockchain and Copyright Licensing System

Digital Art Experience

Popularize Digital Art, rate it by Dual Rating System by professionals and public

What users get

  • Artists show their works to engage new followers and buyers.
  • Art lovers discover and collect new names and genres in Digital Art.
  • Galleries and dealers create virtual viewing rooms to exhibit and sell.
  • Businesses get new creative solutions for interiors, events and fashion.
  • Investors receive price validation, sales history and purchase security.
What drives For users

What Drives Online Art Buyers

The Online Art Collector Report, 2019

Digital Art can be experienced at home and in the office, in museums and galleries, in hotels, clinics, airports, restaurants, malls and entertainment centers, used for investment.

To decorate my home
To inspire me
To build a collection
To support artists
As an investment
To give as gifts
To give to an institution
To to pass on to a client

Our team

Our cross functional team combines 60+ years of experience in Art,
IP law and IT, including Augmented Reality and ArtTech businesses.

Digital Artist

Roman Minin

Thanks to the V-Art platform, I can be free from the solid material products, their further maintenance and restoration. The world of Digital Art is a limitless space of pure ideas in which artists compete only in the possibilities of their fantasies. Only art and easy sale, forming the value and history of the artist, is what every creator needs for a happy and fulfilling life.

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